Saturday, 24 October 2009

Slave's Everyday Collar

When my Master gave to me my beautiful, black, leather collar to wear around my throat I swooned. I could not believe the overwhelming, dramatic feelings that moment brought up in me. After he left to return to his home I missed him so much, and wanted to much to feel close to him, that I began to sleep in my collar nightly.

This made me feel extremely happy, but Master noted that it wasn’t a good idea to wear it so often as it would be a hard item to clean regularly. I knew he was right, but I still wanted that thing that I could wear that would be a complete reminder to myself of my ownership and my owner. He could also see my disappointment and frustration, and from there came his stroke of genius.

An everyday collar.

Master suggested that we find a black, leather bracelet that I coul wear every day as the constant reminder I craved. After my first few searches I went back to Master and asked if he would be satisfied with something that would go around my ankle? Not that there were no bracelets out there that matched what I felt Master had suggested. But as I considered it more and more I felt that such an item would be even more significant around my ankle. This was for two reasons I could think of:
  1. It felt more like a collar or manicle around my ankle than my wrist, upon which I could currently hang bracelets or watches.
  2. I liked the idea of it being a secret just between my Master and myself, sliding up and down my ankle under my business suit pants, etc.
We searched online, finally finding an artist doing something similar enough to suggest that, would she be up for some custom work, she’d certainly be up for this challlenge. The finished design was quite elegant: black leather, about 3/4” tall, with a small padlock stamped into the leather on the outside and inside a message decided by my Master. Four latin words, which when translated spoke from my heart: “I obey my Master.” I still wonder if our artisan researched the meaning of the words for her own curiousity, and I tingle at the idea that she knew what she was making all along.

The package arrived in the mail 4 weeks ago and I’ve worn my beautiful everyday collar around my left ankle every single day since then. The only time that I do not have it on is when I am in the shower, but it is the first thing I put on after I’m dry. It is the only thing I wear to bed every night, leaving the rest of my body completely naked in honor of my Master.

When I feel the stiff leather around my ankle while at work or out in the world I love that physical feel of my status. As though my Master is there with me, whispering in my ear “You are mine. You will always be mine. Body, mind, heart and soul.”

And as always, Master is right.


  1. I just found your blog and find it interesting that you are a strong confident woman who is still submissive to her Master.

    On my website, I've written a series called Training Lisa about a woman who's dominate in the boardroom and submissive in the bedroom.

    Enjoy your journey and I'll keep reading.


  2. I'm, for one, glad you decided on the ankle collar - I do like the picture of your feet!

  3. Hi there...You're really are amazing.
    For me i don't love the thought of wearing a slave collar or like being owned by someone.

  4. I am 20 and owned by my Mistress. I wear collars on ankles, wrists, arms , and on my neck everyday. Mistress custom made these stainless steel collars from Germany. Mistress is ordering a chasity belt, and soon i will be wearing it everyday.

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