Saturday, 14 August 2010

Good Girl gets a Treat

I am many things for my Master, and often he enjoys having me tell him, over and over, what all these things are. The words would fall from my mouth in a kinky waterfall, liquid and languid: “I am your slave, your slut, your toy, your fuckhole…”

Your pet.

Of all my titles, the one that most shakes me and makes me tingle is pet. A few weeks after he first found and claimed me he had me crawling through my home at the end of an invisible leash and the profound impact on my mind, on my libido, on my gushing cunt shocked me. Rocked me. Has never let me go, not since. I loved how low and humiliating that moment had me, simply to please this man. This was a flavor I’d never tasted before, but I have craved it ever since.

Master knows this and I think he holds these moments as rare because of it. He knows that I would do just about anything for this feeling, and that if I am allowed to indulge in it too often it will lose some of its shine. He lets my cravings rage and boil and every once in a while he gives me just a little bite from his end of the leash. This night was one of those moments.

He told me to strip. Wanted me bare and defenseless before him, and I quickly complied. Once naked he put me to my knees, buckling my collar around my neck, my leash already attached to the ring at the front. He turned and walked around the bed, pulling me crawling behind him. Once we reached my designated side of the bed he helped me hop up into it, positioning me where he wanted me before he began to lock my leash to the headboard. I loved the idea of being locked into place, unable to escape despite the fact that escape is always the farthest thing from my mind.

Once locked in place my Master began his own end-of-day process, climbing into the bed beside me. Late was the hour and he had been tired already, so I knew not to expect any more excitement. I lay beside his amazing body, my nipples tingling at the thoughts flashing through my mind, but I was good and didn’t push. Didn’t beg or whimper, didn’t show him my puppy dog eyes. I simply lay there, naked and chained and lightly panting. And just that was enough to bring his amazing cock hard, and his attentions to his eager pet.

He knelt before me, pushing my legs open and spread wide for him, and his hand snaked out, wrapping around the leash where it connected to my collar. He pushed his cock into my cunt, soaked and dripping with anticipation, and began to force himself to the back of my hole. Within a few strokes his movement went from fucking me to pounding me. Hard and deep, lightly snarling as his fist tightened even more at my throat, my collar.

I dissolved into my favorite pet persona as he held my leash and clobbered my cunt. I squealed and moaned and cried out with the passion and a little bit for pity, but I knew from the look in his eyes there would be none of that. And next came his magnificent words.

Like a dirty Disney narrator he told me what I was and what he was doing to me. He called me slut and pet and he pounded away, one hand never leaving the firm grip on my collar and leash while the other twisted my nipples or pulled my ass tight to allow for a harder hit. He fucked me and played with me and put me so perfectly in my place with each word and thrust.

When he finally let my orgasm crash through me I swear I secretly wanted to howl; my inner animal let loose as I look into his deep and evil eyes smiling down at me. I drifted off to sleep with visions of walks through the park on my leash running through my head. Happy to be pleasing my Master.

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